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Understanding Adult ADHD and ADD

Welcome! I’m Nicola Beer, a Dubai counselor specializing in various aspects of mental health, including ADHD, depression, and anxiety counseling Dubai. In today’s episode of our podcast, we’re delving into

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5 Stages of Burnout

Often people get to the latter stages of burnout before making changes, however, if you can recognize the early signs on the road to burnout, you can prevent hitting rock

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Attachment Styles

In romantic relationships we respond and behave in different ways according to our attachment styles. Attachment styles are often unconscious. For example, you might notice someone is very clingy to

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Jekyll and Hyde Personality

Jekyll and Hyde personality is the term used to describe a person has two totally different personalities that totally contradict one another. For example, one personality might be loving, caring

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Relationship Blues.

    Most relationships go through highs and some lows over time. When you’re experiencing the highs, everything can seem picture perfect, and you can’t imagine your life without your

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What are open marriages?

In 1972, a book titled ‘Open Marriage’ was released, and was considered the first of its kind to mention a marriage set up that is different to a traditional marriage.

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Marriage and Misophonia

Can you think of a time where there was someone tapping their pen and you couldn’t ignore it? Or maybe the constant sound of someone chewing their food loudly puts

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Money Mindsets and Marriage

Resolve your financial disputes and conflicts by understanding what money really means to you and your partner There’s no disputing the fact that money, or in most cases the lack

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