Here are my top tips for serial cheating or serial lying include –


  1. Work with the subconscious mind – In order to make long-lasting changes we need to get to the root of the issues which are embedded in our subconscious mind and influences our behavioural patterns, holds our emotional triggers, and controls our thoughts. Talking through problems will not help and only reinforces the issue. Real change happens on a deeper level and this involves tapping into the subconscious mind and reframing past experiences, releasing negative thoughts that lead to hurtful behaviours and boost their confidence and self-love.
  2. Be willing to go deep and make a change – It can be easy to stay in the same vicious cycle of lying and cheating and hurting loved ones, however, real happiness will require real change. Being willing to make changes means giving yourself hope that you can be truly happy, and you no longer need to be a prisoner of your past.
  3. Understand the importance of rebuilding trust – A lot of clients that come to me for individual counseling in Dubai, need support with neglect to understand the importance of trust and they put little thought into rebuilding broken trust. It is so helpful to include partners in the healing journey so they can see the effort their loved one is putting in to change and this helps to regain the trust. Be true to your word – that is one of the best ways of rebuilding trust.
  4. Have a strategy in place to ensure you do not fall back into bad habits – I do hypnotherapy in Dubai and online for this. This will only work once you have understood your thought patterns and addressed your emotional triggers. This understanding will help you to identify what actions you need to take to avoid falling into the same patterns.
  5. Understand the need to talk it through – When we hurt someone we love, it can be hard for us to realise the damage or pain we have caused them, however, for true healing and repairing to happen you must be able to have those difficult conversations where you are taken out of your comfort zone and need to be brutally honest. Keep apologizing and reassuring your partner that you want to make the changes and acknowledge the pain you have caused, so that they can see your authenticity in moving forward. If you need any help with individual counseling dubai or couples counseling dubai.
  6. Be patient – There are no shortcuts to healing and it is important to remember, just as much as you are working on yourself, you need to support one another in working through this life changing experience. Be patient with one another and remind yourselves that you are both working to reconnect and rebuild a love stronger than ever before.


Nicola Beer is a depression treatment in dubai specialist, anxiety therapist dubai and individual counseling in Dubai.


I know this can be so tough on a person who, as a result of their past experiences, has become someone who has or is hurting a loved one, it can make you feel depressed and even have suicidal thoughts, however, it is so important to get the support you need professionally as it can cause anger and resentment from your partner if they are expected to help you when they need to heal also.  Do get help if you recognize you need more support whether counseling in dubai, hypnotherapy in dubai or life coaching dubai.


Nicola Beer is a depression treatment in Dubai specialist, anxiety therapist Dubai and individual counseling in Dubai.

Be loving and kind to one another and give a healthy amount of space as and when needed so that you can repair the foundations of your relationship, stronger, together.