Have you still been trying to work with traditional counselling methods?


Hypnotists, Therapists, Coaches, Gurus, Life Coaching Courses …


And the list goes on…


Maybe right now you are in that phase of life where you want to do something meaningful …


You want to find that deeper purpose and get aligned 


Maybe you feel resentful that you do not have the financial freedom that you desired 


Your friends and family love you every time you give them advice on life and wellness and you have been thinking of starting out as a therapist or becoming a life coach online


But at the same time you feel like nobody because you haven’t started yet or started and not got as far as you like in becoming a life coach.


Making you feel less confident in doing so…


Now let me reveal to you, yet another shocking truth and go deeper as to why those old ways will never work


And after knowing this you will realize what has been truly holding you back


When I was younger, the only tools I knew about were the physiological tools – these surface level changes were temporary


So when I went on a trip to India in order to learn how meditation and spiritual practice affect our energy bodies…


I learned that , As energy begins, many of our blockages can be stored in your body.


Our bodies also communicate unease, stress, joy and comfort to our brain all the time.


You see, I discovered that how we encode the outside world is not just about our 5 senses, as traditional life coaching courses would have you believe!


Your body has receptors for events happening inside of you too, and sends messages such as heartbeats and stomach gurgles to you to pay attention to. How many of us have experienced stomach issues in stress, anxiety or fear or sadness in the chest?


 We have external and internal receptors. 


For example your brain doesn’t just use the information from your eyes.


It uses other things like light waves that enter physically into your body via your skin.


I know this might sound crazy, but… Our bodies are brains too!


And sometimes, when people feel bad about something, they might have a hard time letting go of those feelings…(the energy gets trapped)


Your body can carry grief, fear, sadness, worry, anger etc.. and… if you don’t release it…


It can Physically stay in your body and manifest into an illness, no matter how much you try to move on and be happy again.


This can then reinforce a belief that you have problems in the body and that message gets stored in the unconscious mind, This is why some people struggle with the same emotional and physical pain their whole life


In fact, this is the exact same reason why many get stuck every time they try to attain financial freedom with the thought of starting something of their own


Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of responsibility etc 


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