**Warning: This is probably going to offend you..**


In the last blog, I was talking about the #1 Shocking truth that keeps you stuck from attaining a life of fulfilment and financial freedom


You might want to check that out if you haven’t 😊


So, one of the key reasons that holds us back is the inability to have a permanent change


Now here is a WARNING!


What I am about to reveal to you might offend you 


But this is the healthy truth…


It is something you need to know, if you are really serious in reaching your goals


But before that let me share a little story of how it all started!


Ever since, I became aware of my self-destructive habits that sabotaged my success 


I went through countless materials, therapists, resources and life coaching certification courses!


And every time I came across something new


I got the power over what thoughts I chose and could control what happened to me.


As soon as I started installing positive thoughts in mind every area of my life improved


I FINALLY felt like I have control over my mind


I no longer felt out of control


I no longer felt that I am a victim of my negative self-destructive thoughts


I felt I now have the power to make my choices


I was no longer in “Reaction” mode, rather I was in “Action” Mode.


But there was a problem!




This is because…


The so-called therapists, hypnotists deliver life coaching courses that use traditional counselling methods that cannot create the transformation you are looking for!


You have been lied to! 


If you have been trying to get ahead in life, have tried relationship and life coaching certification courses in the past but failed, then it’s not your fault!


But the reality is you never got to know the real truth…


…as a result you might have lost a lot of time trying outdated methods!


And this was what got me obsessed to uncover “the secrets of making lasting change”


What is it that makes us “tick”, what drives behaviour and what works to install LASTING change on a subconscious level?


It was then when I learned the importance of working with the 3 different aspects of the self and developed a comprehensive holistic relationship and life coaching certification.


The old ways all focus on 1 aspect of the equation.


I call this “part” thinking because they only deal with a part of the whole


Most of these therapy methods were developed when scientific thinking was the leading mode of thinking but now we know there is more to it than that.


But when it comes to permanent change, we need to work on the 3 key areas of “Self”.


If you just focus on 1 or 2 of the 3 aspects of “self” you won’t create lasting change…


All these 3 elements combined forms the root of your subconscious


Lasting change is only possible when you work on all 3 aspects simultaneously


For a permanent change, You have to change the root of the subconscious, which runs the body, your energy and emotions.


Now the question is…


What are these 3 elements of the self?


And  How exactly can you engineer these elements to create a lasting transformation in your subconscious in less than 20 minutes?


This is exactly what I cover in the Free premium Masterclass that I have made for you

I cover this in


Secret #2: “My 3-Step Method For Releasing Mind, Body, And Spirit Blockage, So You Can Finally Guide Yourself (And Your Clients) To Profound Results In Just 20 Minutes. (Even if you’ve tried and failed before)!”


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As I have been telling you so far, this free masterclass will be gone very soon as the signup for one-of-a-kind life coaching certification is filling up quick.


In fact, this free masterclass has everything that our past successful clients have paid 1000s of dollars to gain.


I will be turning this masterclass into a paid one, so don’t miss it  And most importantly I know, if you have been with me so far, you definitely are ambitious and serious about bringing up a permanent change!


And I am with you on this!


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I believe in you more than you believe in yourself


Let’s make it happen!


P.S: In the upcoming blog I am going to show you the one untapped source of negative energy that will sabotage your financial freedom no matter what you do


This is going to SHOCK you. Believe me on this!!


Make sure to WATCH OUT for my next blog😊


Nicola Beer is a counselor in Dubai that also does coaching, hypnotherapy and teaches Holistic Life Therapy Life Coaching Certification Courses online.