I’m sure we can all think of a time where we questioned what makes us happy, our purpose in life, work, or if our relationship/friendships are working for us? For some, however, these doubts or fears can take over where a person feels totally lost  


In fact as an anxiety therapist in Dubai, I see this come up time and time again, people who are lost end up worrying about so many things or become unmotivated. Where they have no energy to do things and cannot be bothered to do anything. In the depression treatment in Dubai and online I offer I see this as a sign that the person needs to have goals, things to look forward to and a way out of there problems. 


In the depression treatment in Dubai I also see that the unhappiness can be so overwhelming that it causes people to lose motivation. Motivation to be with others, to work or even get out of bed. Sadly, the more they over-analyse themselves and their life, the more they can get stuck 


In addition to work and relationships, people can question their faith and cultural beliefs and this can cause an identity crisis. 


If you are at a stage in your life where you feel unsure about where your life is going here are some tips


  • Take time to be with yourself – If you spend all your time with others, you will constantly be thinking about others. By giving yourself time, to reflect, discover your own thoughts and opinions about things. Especially take time away from dominant personalities and allow yourself to make your own conclusions. 

Perhaps ask yourself “What do I want to do in this moment?” “What makes me happy?” “When is the last time I was truly happy?” – this will help you to start rediscovering yourself. In fact as an anxiety therapist in Dubai, when I support people to create a new life after a break up I take them through a whole exciting process of self-discovery. 


  • Set your own goals in life – Once you have figured out what makes you happy, you can figure out a life plan. Set the goals you want to achieve – both professionally and personally. What drives you? What makes you excited about life? What do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to accomplish in your life? 


Be patient with yourself, it may take some to figure it out. If available to you, work with a coach you trust. 


  • Try new things – If you are so used to pleasing others, you may find it hard to know what you like/dislike, which means you need to get out there and try new things. Try different cuisines, different activities, and travel to different places so you can see what makes you happy, what do you enjoy and what you don’t like?  In the couples therapy Dubai I run I always get couples to choose their top activities from a list I give them of 100 and it ignites more fun. 


  • Develop self-love and boost self-confidence – counseling in Dubai I believe needs to be helping people to feel happier and more excited about life. It is essential for depression treatment in Dubai and else where for that matter. If you don’t love yourself you will feel depressed. 


Loving yourself is not about eating well and exercising it is about being kind to yourself and getting rid of the negative self-talk. If you believe for example women / men will leave me, I lack confidence, I’m not attractive, I’m not good enough,  I suck at relationships etc 

Then you will experience stress, self-doubt and act accordingly. Maybe you will lie, cheat, put yourself down, play small in life and not stand up for who you are and what you want. As a Dubai counsellor I help people get rid of these demons in my depression treatment in Dubai it’s called the breakthrough process. Clearing them away is so important as otherwise you will project your insecurities on to others. 


Read about how to express emotions here


Instead incorporate loving actions into your life, things that make you feel amazing and confident. Be around good friends and family that lift you up. Celebrate yourself and your wins – no matter how big or small they may be. Treat yourself and remind yourself you are worthy of this love.  


When you are confident in yourself and understand your worth, you are more likely to be confident and genuinely loving in other relationships. This will also make others love you for you and in turn, this boosts your confidence because you are finally being loved the person you are and not what you think they want you to be. This is how many are getting free, free from depression when they do both counseling in Dubai and hypnotherapy Dubai 


  1. Listen to your intuition, gut instinct unconscious mind. Overall making some sacrifices in relationships is normal, but if you are taking on a whole new identity depending on your partner, then this is not healthy and the relationship will not last. Taking the steps I mentioned to rediscover yourself with take you on the path to finding a partner who compliments you and your life.


Nicola Beer is a couples counsellor in Dubai, anxiety therapist and offers life coaching certification programs. Here specialized areas are counseling in dubai, depression treatment in dubai, couples therapy dubai, relationship counselling dubai,  hypnotherapy in dubai and anxiety treatment dubai