There is so much discussion around relationship coaching and marriage counseling. It is hard for people seeking couple counseling to know the difference between the two. As they both help couples through difficult times and times of panic.

A relationship coach focuses on supporting couples explore what they see as the best tools or most valuable practical tips to improve their relationship so that both individuals are happy and thriving in their partnership. Whereas a marriage counselor typically asks the couple to go over the past in front of each other and share feelings. Relationship Breakthrough Life Coaching takes individuals deeper alone first offering solutions to those problems and then brings them together.



A relationship coach is seen as more of a partner in the whole interaction. They are able to guide their clients or assist them in the journey or process of creating their ideal relationship, ideal life and future – helping couples explore how they can reach their goals together. Whereas a marriage counselor takes more of a emotional past sharing approach. They spend time helping couples explore the reason why they are feeling the way they are feeling. However sometimes knowing how you feel doesn’t help a couple move forward.


 A couple who seeks the support of a relationship coach understand that they are able to set their own goals and targets on where they want to see their relationship going. There is learning from the past rather than going over it. The main goals and changes are instead focused on. Some see relationship life coaching as the less clinical side of relationship counseling.



To find out more about how breakthrough relationship life coaching with Nicola Beer works watch this video here


As you will see in this 43 minute video couples counseling is very different to working with an experienced relationship specialist and life breakthrough coach.



A marriage counselor is viewed as someone who has a more clinical approach kind of text book therapy. Simply put, a couple who go to see a marriage counselor are often at the stage of divorce when they seek professional marriage counseling. There are no set deadlines of when couples will achieve their outcomes when it comes to marriage counseling online and in Dubai as so many external factors can come up – for example, if someone is dealing with deep issues from the past it may take them a while to resolve those issues individually before moving forward in their relationship. That is why Nicola Beer’s life coaching and relationship counseling package includes individual breakthrough work first and then brings the couple together.



Couples who turn to a relationship coach can come for relationship enhancement, pre-marriage counseling, pre-martial counseling and renewing relationship connection with one another. They are generally looking to develop their own skills to make their relationship better, for example communication skills and changes they want to see in their relationship or how to divide their time better between work and home life. Nicola offers ground-breaking life coaching for them to break habits and addictive patterns, get on the same page and make positive changes. Often, couples are given short term goals to reach in order to create their ideal relationship and working with a life coach can have a deadline, for example, if someone wants to find the perfect work/home life balance and increase quality time at home with their loved one, they are able to do this with a set time limit or set number of coaching sessions.



Relationship coaches combine both helping couples get results and work with each individually to resolve issues and heal from the past.

To learn more about the difference between life coaching in Dubai and relationship counseling watch this video here
As you will see in this 43 minute video online marriage counseling can be very different to working with an experienced relationship specialist and life coach.