I have a confession to make!


In fact, this is a story that probably could change your life in the next 24hrs!


It’s a bold claim, I know… but bear with me here for a minute. I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you this …. It’s this little confession which I have been holding back but I am going to reveal it to you today!


And, over the next few seconds you will know why it is so crucial for you to know


But before that, I want to share with you something that I wish someone had told me back in the day. You see…several years back, I was stuck in my job and felt unfulfilled. I also felt lonely because I had just broken up from a relationship and moved to Dubai.


I wanted to create a new life for myself that would give me freedom and allow me to love myself. 


My mother was emotionally and physically abusive towards me when I was young, which led to me feeling like there was something wrong with me – that I made her crazy.


Feeling out of control, I developed issues with eating and the way I saw my body.


I never felt good enough, unworthy of love and happiness as an adult.


At the time I wasn’t doing well at my job, I was failing my own expectations.


I felt stuck in a never-ending loop of self-destruction and negative thinking.


Drinking more and more each evening to numb the unhappiness, it seemed like this pattern would continue forever…


I felt hollow…


I felt like my life was being controlled…


I wanted to feel significant and in control


until one day I had had enough.


I had to escape this destructive cycle, it was affecting how I felt, my body and thinking… I knew I needed to break free…That was the moment when I started walking the path of self-discovery It led me to discover the power of subconscious mind in shaping up our lives.


I discovered the power of taking a holistic approach of engaging the mind, body and spirit to clear out the negative energy deeply rooted in our subconscious – something totally unique compared to other relationship and life coaching certification courses. Very different to NLP practitioner and NLP training courses. 


A process that I callThe Holistic Life Therapy Method which is I have used to help people all over the world, transforming their lives one at a time and my business has been booming!


I now have the business of my dreams, bought myself a dream car and a dream holiday home in Marbella, Spain. It feels so good to be able to help others even more now than before because of this new therapy process!


But then, here is the confession that I have been itching to make…


Even after having the success I had and my clients from all over the world had …


I still felt EMPTY from within..


There has been an inner voice that has been poking me for years


I wanted to give more, do more…


And then as I looked deep within, came my moment of true calling!


The moment of truth…


A deeper mission that found me…


The mission is to help more people get the love, freedom, happiness, and peace they deserve 


But how? 


To share my Holistic Life Therapy Method with Impact Driven Women Around The World 


Therapists who are excited to work from the Comfort of Their Home so they can have a life of financial abundance and fulfilment after completing a comprehensive holistic relationship and life coaching certification!


Now think about this for a second here…


What if you are finally able to release all the inner blockages that have been sabotaging your success all this time…


And even better if you can share your wisdom from this journey with the world by becoming a life coach who is impacting lives and getting paid for it?


Because when it comes to real freedom…


The power to make the choices you want, the real victory lies in achieving financial freedom.


Finally, is it time when you start building your own legacy!?!


Imagine that moment of being completely independent.


That moment.. When you will be able to answer with pride what you have been building after completing a one-of-a-kind holistic relationship and life coaching certification.


That moment when your friends/family/husband finally believe in your decisions.


You are able to treat your family to trips and gifts rather than depending on someone else!


You will prove everybody wrong who didn’t believe in you in the past because now you are truly successful after becoming a transformational life coach. 


You become unstuck, your relationships improve, you’re the happiest you have ever been since becoming a life coach. 


You are now financially abundant doing what you love, helping others with your gifts.


No more of that feeling of embarrassment in social occasions when people ask what you do.


So, the question is…


How Do You Make It Happen? Don’t take traditional life coaching certifications instead 


I have put together a premium Holistic Life Therapist Master Class for you, which I plan to keep up for a very limited time for free; 


It’s a Holistic Life Therapist Master Class which has been helping my inner circle clients to achieve a life of impact and financial freedom, doing what they love!


You will discover…


How to use Holistic Life Therapy to Transform Your Mind and Remove Negative Thoughts (And Feelings) That Block Your Success Once and for All…”


And then how you can build a highly lucrative 6-figure business even if you’ve tried other life coaching courses and failed before!


Now it’s all on you, you now have the power to take the decision that could change your life right in the next 24hrs or you can do nothing about it


And if you have been here with me so far, I know you are here to create an impact, start living in your power, leaving a legacy of impact and meaning.


I believe in you!


If you have made up your decision too then access this PREMIUM MASTER CLASS Here!


From my heart to yours, Nicola 


P.S: In my next blog I am going to share with you a shocking truth that keeps you stuck when it comes to starting your own online business as a holistic life therapist after completing my comprehensive relationship and life coaching certification.


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