Lessons from a light bulb that can help you start a 6-figure therapy business in 90 days!


The very idea of successfully completing a relationship and life coaching certification and building your own 6-figure therapy business!


I remember back in the day as I was in my 9 to 5, I could never imagine that I would be having my own business and becoming a life coach that is transforming lives every single day.


And later on, that very idea made me feel so overwhelmed that I often times held myself back from taking the next step…


Now if you are someone who has been thinking of enrolling on a relationship and life coaching  certification course and building your own 6-figure coaching business then chances are…


You have bought and tried other courses and it didn’t work. Maybe even done life coaching certification courses that didn’t teach you how to market yourself or work with clients. 


Maybe you went to the extent of spending $$$ for your websites


And maybe right now you feel overwhelmed with technology – which eventually has become a huge roadblock to you from actually setting up a 6- figure therapy business and becoming a life coach.


Now, this is not your fault.


Most relationship and life coaching certification courses either overload you with all irrelevant info or they just talk about mindset, positive thinking, goal setting


But they never show you the actual system of building a 6-figure business in a simplified approach. 


Just like a light bulb, for it to function, every component of it must be working.


The switch must work

The bulb coils must function

The wires must not be damaged


And if any part of it is not working then the entire system fails and the bulb doesn’t glow!


Same thing when it comes to your business without a comprehensive relationship and life coaching certification.


Want to dive deeper in creating a system that works?


Then watch the Holistic Life Therapy” Masterclass and after book a call with me for free 


I see so many coaches missing out on the actual marketing strategies running after life coaching certifications hoping to land clients.


I have been there too spending countless hours doing life coaching courses that did not move any needle in building my 6-figure business.


Most life coaching courses talk about the mindset and positive thinking


But inside the Holistic Life Therapy Method I will give you very specific marketing Tools, life and relationship coaching training. 


I will show you my secret “Grassroots Marketing” to get my first few clients…which no other relationship and life coaching certification covers.


Using the same tools and system, I started my own podcast. 


I started my podcast back in 2017 – it now has Over 300,000 Downloads!


Now, this brings me new clients in my booming relationship and life coaching business, automatically without any effort (just sitting down to record once every 1-2 weeks). 


It was not hard to do, it took a little time to set-up but..


Once you do it, anyone can do it.


This has given me a very healthy and profitable business. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. If I can do it, so can you. Becoming a life coach – well holistic life therapist to be exact has never been more fruitful.


Now, you can check out myHolistic Life Therapy” masterclass where I will show you how you can clear your inner blockages that sabotage your chances to grow a successful 6 figure business after completing a holistic relationship and life coaching certification.


You will learn how you can use the “Holistic Life Therapy Method “to put all these elements in place, to become a transformational holistic life therapist who helps clients all over the world.


This is an opportunity to get a free 1:1 session with me and start your holistic journey to becoming a life coach, don’t miss it Holistic Life Therapy” masterclass


Nicola Beer offers anxiety treatment in Dubai, marriage counselling dubai and online that also does life coaching, hypnotherapy and teaches Holistic Life Therapy Life Coaching Certification Courses online.