Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy or the same, no matter what the circumstances or age they died. Online grief counseling is a great way to get some comfort and peace from the comfort of your own home.

If your heart has broken and you do not know what to do with yourself and everyone around you keeps on saying unhelpful or hurtful things. Then you may want to consider having some grief and bereavement affordable online counselling to help you through this painful time.

Grief Is A Natural And Normal Reaction To Loss And Although It Can Be Similar To The Symptoms Of Depression.

As a certified grief online counsellor in UK there are many things that I discovered do not help in recovering from the death of a loved one. Unfortunately people can avoid you, tell you something very hurtful like “all things happen for a reason” or “tell you to get over it.”

The truth is in society today, we are far better prepared to deal with minor accidents than we are to deal with grief and loss. We receive more education about simple first aid than we do about bereavement counselling online services and how to offer our friends and family support.

Myths about grief and loss

Time will heal

This is a myth, it’s unhelpful advice for dealing with grief and death of a loved one and a reason why many people come to get online grief counselling in Dubai or UK with me, because they have waited a year or two and they still feel the pain.

As all time does is pass. Time cannot heal wounds, memories can fade but many find the pain doesn’t fade. In my online counseling services I know people who have waited 1, 2, 5 and even 15 years to feel better and they don’t. The only thing that works is action, action to work through the feelings associated with the grief, like anger, sadness, regret, guilt, and remorse.

Keep busy

Another piece of advice you may hear that often doesn’t help is the idea that someone grieving needs to keep busy. All keeping busy does is distract you and forces you to push the emotions down. In the online counselling services and grief counselling in Dubai we focus on feeling the emotions and releasing them.

If all we do is distract ourselves from feeling the natural emotions of grief then we cannot process the pain and will end up carrying the pain with us, this can then, in turn, manifest itself in the body.

To recover from losing a parent, brother, sister, husband, wife or child we need a safe environment to express our feelings and learn the necessary actions to complete what is left emotionally unfinished.

How do I know if I have emotionally unfinished business?

This is the things that you wish you had said or done differently, the regrets or guilt for past actions or in actions that may be plaguing you or anger that can sometimes be intense. Anger at the injustice, life or others. The stages of grief are well documented, however people don’t follow the stages in a linear line and some people may skip the stages of grief, I see this all the time as a grief counsellor in Dubai.

Myth to Be Strong

The third thing that many people say to someone in the pain of grief and loss is “be strong” it’s unhelpful because it is impossible to do. You can either be human or you can be strong. If being strong means holding in your feelings, escaping using over sleeping, eating, working, drinking to cope it’s not helpful.

If you are considering online counselling for grief or seeking grief counselling in UK or Dubai then do feel free to book a free 20 minute breakthrough session with me and we can discuss more about your healing journey and see if we are a good fit for one another.

The fact is everyone experiences grief differently

Remember too that everyone experiences the grief of losing a loved one differently, you may feel numb, bitter, drained, lonely and unable to process simple bits of information. You may be expected to keep it all together and put on a brave face, yet all this does is add to the pain when we feel like we have to fake it, grief counselling encourages you to stop faking it and let your emotions out freely so you can heal and when ready come to peace with what has happened.

In the bereavement counselling online, UK and Dubai, you will understand more the grief and loss symptoms and recovery steps, how to have more peace with the loss and yourself and let go of any regret or remorse.

What is Grief Counselling Online and Why See a Grief Counselor?

The grief counselling in Dubai and online bereavement counselling gives you full permission to feel, release and learn from the emotional or physical pain you have. As well as share confidentially what is running through your mind, whether that is conversations you had or wished you had. It is also letting go of any guilt, regret and finding peace.

A major part of grief counselling in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or online is making sure you relive yourself from any kind of self-judgment on how you are reacting or coping to the grief and loss. I support individuals and families to with the transition and also physical support to pack away items of the loved one where desired.

Losing a loved one may cause you to:

  • Lose concentration
  • Lower your immunity
  • Sleep less
  • Change eating habits
  • Lose energy
  • Lose your liveliness

Grief counselling like grief recovery is not something you can set your clock to. Some people recover faster than others and there is no right way. For some people it is measured days or weeks for others it is measured in, months, or even years. Over time, the memories may blur but you need to be sure that you do not push the pain deeper by criticizing yourself, harming yourself or by being strong dealing with it alone.

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