People often ask me “Nicola, what is the purpose or benefits of life coaches?” or “Why did you become a life coach in Dubai?”. Both really valid questions, especially now when there are so many people choosing to make positive, transformational changes in their lives with the support of a certified life coach.



Simply put, a qualified life coach is able to help you identify your strengths, support you in working on your weaknesses and can guide you to set personal or professional targets to reach your final goal.



Often, we have the potential inside us, but we lack the confidence, the structure in our lives and the drive to make positive changes. Having a certified life coach to bounce ideas off and to help organize your thoughts and goals, and to talk through your worries with can do wonders for your life.

Life coaches are there to guide you through the process of change and are like your own cheerleader, encouraging you to become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of yourself.  Nicola has trained in life coaching, hypnotherapy, grief and loss and counseling and is able to help you explore your emotions behind the barriers you may have put up that are stopping you from fulfilling your true potential.


Just like when you seek the support of a personal trainer when you want to lose or gain weight and have their constant support, life coaches are there to help you stay focused on your goals and take you beyond what you have achieved already. This includes helping you change your mindset if it is not serving you the best way and help you to explore other aspects of your life that could be influencing the way you think.

I became a life coach, online relationship counsellor and hypnotherapist because I know how our childhoods, our life experiences and our emotions can impact our lives and, in some cases, can hold us back from becoming successful and happy individuals. I’ve had many issues in the past with anxiety, loving and accepting myself and addictions that held me back from enjoying my life fully. So I love helping clients build on their foundations and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people reach their ultimate goals in life!


As a holistic life coach, my approach to supporting clients is based on a holistic approach. I combine life coaching with somatic body work and hypnotherapy meditations to make sure my clients get results fast and are making changes that are long lasting.


I strongly believe that a holistic life coaching approach achieves the best results. There is very little benefit to working only on one part of your life when there are so many factors that go into creating the life you truly want. This is why I prefer to work with the mind, body and soul of clients that choose to improve their lives with my support.

The reality is we are all capable of change but in some circumstances, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed and this can make it difficult to know where to start when wanting to make changes in life. As a life coach in Dubai and online I can guide you to explore yourself, your goals and your lifestyle in order to live a life that makes you happy and more successful.

If you have any questions about life coaching in Dubai or online do not hesitate to book a free 20 minute chat with Nicola Beer here