If you have been with me so far


Then you already know this..


When it comes to transforming your life which is aligned and purposeful…


A life where you feel energised, enthusiastic and people love being around you…


A life of financial freedom where you are impacting lives at the same time while building a 6-Figure business of your own..


The key element is permanent change in the subconscious blueprint 


And that requires you to overcome your self-sabotaging emotions permanently!


Most of the traditional life coaching methods will give you a quick fix but you will always end up coming back to your default state…


Now along with a permanent change, what if I tell you that you can get rid of all your trauma in less than 20 minutes?


Now you are probably thinking that this can’t be true!


But let me tell you this is what exactly one of my clients Chancey thought when we first started working together


He had tried traditional therapy a number of times and it just wasn’t working. It didn’t help him going and talking over painful events that happened to him in his childhood


I showed him how we could take the best parts from all of the different life coaching

approaches I’d learnt that work with the mind, body, and emotions and use them collectively to bring about quick results


As soon as I began to work with him…


His body relaxed immediately, and after about 20 minutes he felt like himself again — free, focused and knowing what he was going for in life and excited about his day and future, rather than dreading it.


In fact, this is the exact process that I am going to share with you in the free masterclass


I will show you How my 3-Step Method for Releasing Mind, Body, And Spirit Blockage, Can Guide you (And Your Clients) To Profound Results In Just 20 Minutes. (Even if you’ve tried and failed before)! It’s totally different to traditional life coaching certification courses. 


I go deep into the 3-step process, which you can learn and apply immediately!


Check out the free Masterclass here 


These same strategies are what my clients had paid 1000s of $ for and I am going to reveal it to you inside the masterclass!


And honestly, there is no catch to this.


However, what I do feel is that if you get an instant benefit from this free masterclass then maybe we can work together at some point in the future…


Now the choice is yours


Living a life with self-sabotaging emotion means, no matter what external tricks tips you follow…


You will struggle to achieve the financial freedom you desire…


Your relationships will suffer because of hidden traumas and resentments from the past


You will end up feeling not enough…


And even worse, just like me as I did back in the day, you might start depending on external addictions to escape your inner world


Would you let your life slip away?


Most of us spend more time “thinking” than “doing.


The sad part is that life doesn’t pause and wait for us, does it?


Time is running out and someday we will all die…


So, the question is are you okay to live in regret?


In fact, now that you know that there is a way to turn your life around


There is no escape


You now have a choice!


And here is the first step of change


Check out the masterclass I have for you


I will show you the exact 3 step process that will help you release your trauma in 20 minutes or less!


But, this will be gone soon! Grab it before it goes away!


Check it out now!


See you there!


Nicola Beer is a counselor in Dubai that also does coaching, hypnotherapy and teaches Holistic Life Therapy Life Coaching Certification Courses online.