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Even in our more transparent, global, modern world today the area of sexual desire and pleasure is a topic off limits for many people and cultures. It’s almost as though we should be ashamed to explore ourselves and our partner, our wants, and our needs to feel sexually satisfied, however, research shows physical intimacy plays a huge role in our romantic relationships and when our sex life dries up, other issues tend to show up too.


So, to ramp up the passion in your lives, I’m going to dive straight into the topic I often share in most of my couples therapy and relationship counseling today as my goal is to inspire and encourage you. Warning listening to this may just increase your sexual desire or pleasure by itself and there will be more on the benefits of orgasms and some tips to help. I’m going to talk about how we are biologically programmed to have sex, what role our minds play in our ability to have a good sex life, benefits of having orgasms and lastly, I’ll end with tips on how you can add some spice and passion to your sex life which is something if you hire me to be your couples therapist, relationship counsellor dubai or sex therapist dubai online will cover this.


It’s no secret that biologically women and men are programmed to want to have sex. It’s the way we can procreate and so, this explains why during ovulation in a woman’s cycle she feels more attractive, sexier and finds her partner more desirable. It’s also the reason why men feel drawn to women when they are ovulating. The biological changes inside us are crying out for sex because that is what is natural to us.


Now I know some of you may be thinking “Nicola I want to have sex for fun not to have children” and that’s totally understandable. But this is where it gets interesting.


As we get older and we maintain a thriving, passionate sex life, our bodies and our unconscious mind take over. It reminds us that biologically we have sex to have a baby and so, to be physically capable of looking after our babies, we need to slow down the whole aging process and maintain what we can of our youth. Think about it this way – the more sex you have, the more your body aims to slow down the aging process to keep you feeling young and alive. Sex and orgasms are an anti-aging remedy. 


I remember speaking to a client about how disconnected she felt from her husband which meant that she was never in the mood for sex or always too tired. My response to this was to flip the script – I asked her what she thought if I told her that sex was in fact energizing, a mood booster and a great way to reignite the passion between them. Sex shouldn’t be a chore, because that is when you lose the spark, and it stops being an exciting, fun thing to do as a couple and more as a negative experience.


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In fact I always share in the relationship counseling dubai that If your mood is right, then the sex will be great! Remember that great sex and orgasms always start in the mind! I see it all the time with couples who are going through fertility struggles – and if you can resonate with this then my heart goes out to you. Sex can lose it’s appeal when you’re advised to plan sex right down to the hour because of the short ovulation period, the schedule can take the excitement out of sex. Although we are biologically made to reproduce, we can do things to make sex erotic, fun and super sensual – all of which helps you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. And let’s be honest, sexual chemistry and connection can only help the baby making process if that is what you want, right?


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