It has been a crazy year so far for all of us in some ways. Some people have of course suffered more than others with losing loved ones, financial losses or feeling alone, down and fed up isolated and not being able to see people that they love. Many people are sinking into depressing thoughts and fears over the future amidst the USD fall, further lockdowns and vaccination complications.

Maybe you had a great end to 2020 and good start to 2021, or maybe it was not as you wanted it to be. Maybe you felt loved and happy or maybe you felt down and alone. It seems the uncertainty is here to stay for a while longer.

If you have felt lonely, frustrated, argued with loved ones recently, you are not alone. However there is never a better time to let it all go. You can decide at any point in your life and relationship to give it your energy, focus and heart to make it better.

You can start afresh today, why wait for a new month, a new moon, a holiday, new job, new year even!  Use today as your turning point, a new chapter when you begin to let go of expectations of how things should have been or are meant to be. Instead accepting everything as it is and as it is meant to be right now and when we accept we are free.

This doesn’t mean doing nothing it simply means that everything good and bad we experience can teach us new lessons. We can learn more about ourselves, our boundaries, our triggers and desires. When we focus on accepting what we cannot control, everything get’s much easier and we can move forward.

My favourite phase I use in all my meditations is this: and if you join the Vinana Dance Party FB group you will here it a lot as I do a live meditation twice a week it helps me – so let’s see if it helps you it goes

We cannot avoid risk, but we can accept it and when we accept it we can allow it to pass through more quickly and easily.

Why am I sharing all of this? How does acceptance apply to a relationship?

Acceptance can help to keep our love and energy high and not get bogged down with the chaos and negative news around us or a partner’s moody face.

If your year has not got off to a good start – I’m going to share some tips to create new loving energy in your life, home and relationship.


Starting with the with the basic one thing you could enhance perhaps is your physical surroundings with so many uncontrollable things happening adding comfort with a few home improvements can make us feel more alive. It’s a great way to add positive energy into the home. It’s a great life coaching tool giving your home or bedroom a revamp. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, a fresh coat of a different colour paint, some plants, new bedding or scented candles can refresh your home. Some in my confidence building life coaching programs are creating a gym, yoga or dance space an area where they dedicate time to their body. Others have created a meditation space something that represents peace, calm and serenity. New items and changes can help create positive flowing energy and this can influence how we feel in our homes and relationships.

Last month I moved to a friends house for a night to have my office and bedroom painted baby pink, my client room and stairs a calming light sea blue. I also made my living room more comfortable by adding a new rug and plants. House plants  can add life and vitality to the air and remind us that plants need water, nutrients and care, just like our relationships. They need this to grow and anything that is not growing dies, that’s the law of nature, so it is so important to nurture and look after our loved ones by giving them time and energy as well as space to flourish and grow.

Hope this isn’t too personal for you to share but I also gave away old bed sheets and towels to charity, cleared out my underwear draw with anything that I felt a low vibe energy towards. Small cost effective changes can make a huge difference and add a great intention to your relationship when you make these changes together.


It’s a great time to think about how we can continue to fuel our mind and body not just for the month of January but all year round, although committing to a maximum of 90 days at a time. If we tell ourselves we are going to do something forever our subconscious mind will fight it, so work to 30 day, 45 day or max 90 day plans. This goes for exercise, work and business plans, financial and nutrition. Our mind hates the word forever and will fight it and before you know it, you have sabotaged yourself. Instead of saying I will quit this forever or I will never do this work to a day plan that feels comfortable and achievable to you and then when you reach your milestone you can create a new plan. the new year. Eating well does not mean sacrifice if your mind tells you that, perhaps it’s time to challenge that notion and where that comes from or perhaps educating yourself can add more excitement to food. A lovely couple in the UK I have been working with decided to have fun nights in over lock down with Zoom cooking classes hosted by a famous chef’s company. 2 hours of laughing, learning and watching others in the kitchen whilst educating yourself on making nutritious exciting foods.  Or do a bit on research and get creative surprising one another with a new dish each week.


These 3 M’s have changed my whole life – hence the reason that I created Vinana – it’s basically a 1 hour movement class to release tension from the body, celebrate what you have to be grateful for using music to uplift you and then a 10 minute guided meditation. Right now it is all free my way of giving back as these 3 M’s Movement, Music and Meditation have helped me to manifest so many great things in my life to date, my health, family and romantic relationships as well as reach my business goals. Later in the year there will be ecstatic dance teacher training also so that people who fall in love with the 3 M’s like me and benefit from it can spread it in their home towns or online.  To join for free google or go to facebook vinana dance party and for those not on face book and staying off social media I do have a whats app group for it you can join here


Most people go into saving mode at the start of the year after the holiday season. If that’s the case for you, create some fun and excitement by making a ritual of having themed movie nights. You can plan costumes, food and drinks based on the movie you choose or country it is set in. If you want to take it a little further, you can even have a crafts day making decorations. Children love this matching their outfits and food with the theme of the movie. There are some companies that have adapted their products to suit the current climate – for example, Netflix have introduced watch parties where you can watch a movie with your loved ones across the globe, and there are also food companies that are creating food packages that include drinks, movie snacks like popcorn and nachos, to really give you that movie night feel. Although to be honest, I don’t know any one who cannot master microwave popcorn or open a bag of chips and dip. To me that seems hilarious ordering that but I guess there must be a market it for it somewhere 😊


Being in nature is such a great way to add fresh air and new breeze and energy into your life. Whether that is a walk in nature, your favourite hot or cold drink in the garden connecting to the Earth, hearing the birds sing and feeling the breeze can also be a wonderful way to bring peace to the mind.

Especially perfect for these Covid times if you are allowed to socialize you can outside with a good social distance. Infact some couples I am working with right now are insisting on dining out at a restaurant that only has outside tables and heaters.

Have you watched the documentary earthing, it is really amazing learning how children and adults have healed themselves from skin, physical and mental challenges by laying in the park or on the grass in the garden. Connecting with the soil and real ground, it discusses how our modern change to wearing rubber sole shoes all of the time creates a block between us and nature. This in turn has impacted our health in body and mind. Watch it, it’s on youtube type in Earthing Full Video and you will find it, highly recommend it had me when I felt sick going for a walk at night around the grassy lake (although I was scared walking in dog’s poop I survived and felt so much better after.


It’s the best time of year to organize special gifts for your loved ones. Why? Because the start of the year is when most people go into a scarcity mentality. Where they hold onto every penny in case the Covid situation does not get better and with valentines around the corner many can fall into the trap that saving money is more important than showing love and appreciation.

There are so many companies for loved ones overseas to wrap presents and deliver them, not to mention online gifts. A small token that you are thinking of others can be a lovely gift. It’s a really touching way to keep the smile on your lovers face. If you are separated right now or newly single I highly recommend giving gifts on valentines to couples you love in your family and friendship circle. Celebrating others happiness is a lovely thing to do.


I know a lot of families love to have traditional games nights over the holiday season, and this can be carried on into the new year. You can also play games online and Pictionary can be done over a zoom call also.

I know it can be stressful with the promise of
a happier new year and then things staying the same or not getting any better in the world for many can seem like a bit of a let down.

Planning is key – plan in fun and relaxing connection times, plan in fun activities online or in person – with those you love.

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships…
Tony Robbins

Are you giving enough to those you love? Are you making this year about relationships? If yes then consider getting relationship coaching if marriage counseling is not working for you.