Nothing prepares parents for the transition to an empty nest and it can cause damage to a marriage. In this article I highlight how to fix a relationship and get along with your spouse as empty nesters. As empty nest marriage symptoms are just as profound as empty nest syndrome.

Step #1 Rekindle the marriage

Remember that spark you had with your partner all those years ago when you met? Sit together and reminisce on those days when it was just about you and them.

Remind yourselves that now you are pretty much in the same boat without having the responsibilities of children and errands to do. Talk to each other about what you’ve achieved as a couple and the beautiful family you’ve grown.

Then start dating each other again, enjoy doing more new activities together and revisit the old ones.

Plan a romantic getaway to reconnect if you feel like dating is not enough.

Go over your hopes and dreams you had and make an action plan for those you left.

Step #2 Create new interests and happiness for yourself

Don’t look to your partner to give you happiness and entertainment, you have to also take responsibility of this yourself. Having individual interests makes conversation far more interesting and having your own life, passion and purpose is what makes a person attractive.

Learning how to fix a relationship means identifying actions you can do for yourself and them to create more positivity.

Step #3 Get help if you need to

Couples tend to think that because they may have been married for a long time and managed to stay married that it will all just work out in the end.

But this is something that needs serious attention because this can also be a time when people really begin to wonder why they are still married and the grief, loss depression whatever you want to call it that empty nesters go through can be confused with the marriage and partner making them unhappy. Having someone you trust to talk this out and find solutions can be a life changer for many individuals and couples suffering.

I cover with couples, rebuilding the connection, letting go of negativity and resentment and how to have compassionate engaging conversation. So the couples I work with learn new skills to adapt and enhance their relationship. Whether with me, my marriage makeover audio program or with another forward focused coach you like why not use this time as an opportunity to upskill.

I have helped countless couples become closer suffering with empty nest syndrome symptoms now, even couples or individuals who thought divorce was their only option.

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