How Thoughts Affect Our DNA


We were made to believe DNA is the only thing that impacts how we look from eye colour to hair colour and influences the person we become, including the likelihood of us developing health conditions or addictions. However, there is a lot more to the theory that DNA is responsible for such important parts of our human make up.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist, lecturer, and author of the best seller “The Biology of Belief” (2008). The main concept behind “The Biology of Belief” is that DNA is NOT the deciding factor in who we are and our health, in fact, DNA is shaped by external factors, like the kind of thoughts we process and how our cells absorb the energy around them.  Or how our cells interpret the messaging from our thoughts and respond accordingly. What am I saying? Our thoughts not only create our reality they shape our DNA.

Forgive me as I’m going to go a little scientific here, I wanted to share this with you because the results are fascinating and it’s so important to know that our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and relationships really do matter so much.


Our DNA does not control who we become, our thoughts are much more powerful than we realize. After I have explained it, I will then share what techniques I use with clients to help them rewire their thoughts and change their DNA that makes them.


Dr Bruce Lipton conducted studied intensively how our cells function. He found that genetics or DNA doesn’t affect the cells operation instead the environment did. The environment has a direct impact on the cells in our bodies and ultimately, it is the environment that determines our fate.

In the study Dr Bruce Lipton took a sample of identical cells from the same person and placed them in three different petri dishes. He then added three different synthetic environments that replicated parts of the human body, to each cell so that he could see the impact the environment had on the cells.

The results were so interesting! In Petri dish A – the cells became muscle, in petri dish B – the cells became bone and in petri dish C – the cells became fat. So, all identical cells evolved, and the outcome was based on the environment around it!


He also found that even when you remove the nucleus (which is considered to be the genetic part that controls the cell), it did not negatively impact the cell. The cell continued to receive information and was able to continue functioning as normal without it.

I apologise if you’re wondering what this means in laymen’s terms so here it is – Dr Bruce Lipton findings and decades of studies show that it is not our genes or DNA that control the cells around our body – it’s the environment surrounding the cells. This means that we are not going to have the same fate as our parents because of our genes– it is in fact, our environments that influence our thoughts which impact who we are and what we do!

If you grow up believing you will be like your parents or those around you, you are more likely to end up like that because of your thoughts and lack of change in environment, but if you make the right changes and rewire the thoughts that go through your mind you will see the difference.

Ok, some of you may be thinking this sounds too good to be true and too easy to be real. Let me share a classic example Dr Bruce shares in his lectures –

If you are sitting there with your eyes closed and you open your eyes and see someone you love, your mind holds a picture of love. A picture of love in the mind is translated by the brain into very specific chemistry. In a state of love, the brain releases dopamine for pleasure into the blood. The brain releases oxytocin into the blood, which is a chemical that helps us bind to the source of love that we are experiencing. The experience of love also releases another chemical into the growth medium—into the blood—called vasopressin. It helps us become more attractive so that our partner sticks with us even more. Another very important factor released by our brain while perceiving love is growth hormone—which, by its name does exactly what it says: It influences our growth. That result is that the chemistry of the body’s natural culture medium—blood—is adjusted by the perception of the mind… Wait. The same person could open their eyes and instead of seeing love, see something that scares them.” (Lipton, 2017: NCBI)

When we are in a state of fear, our brains release chemicals that are directly linked with anxiety, stress and fear, which are known as stress hormones or inflammatory agents. This is what causes us to have the physical reactions we do when we are scared, stressed or anxious. For example, sweating, pounding heart, breathing heavier – entering fight or flight mode. Additionally, Dr Bruce found that this state of fear actually inhibits cell growth because of the body’s energy being used for the flight or fight mode. This also explains why people who suffer from chronic stress develop so many sicknesses – it is a result of their environment affecting the cell growth and function in their bodies.

So many couples I work to make their relationship the happiest and most special have been struggling with negative thoughts about their partner for months or years.

If you feel annoyed, resentful, depressed, alone your creating a negative environment in your body. The good thing is that thoughts can be changed. We can change our DNA by changing our environment. Many of us picked up limiting beliefs about ourselves or about life from our childhood. This is not to blame our parent’s merely to recognize that most of the beliefs don’t even belong to us. If we believe relationships are hard, life is a struggle it will be, I’m unloveable we will create unwellness in us.



How Thoughts Affect Our DNA




So the best thing you can do right now knowing this is flood your mind with positive empowering thoughts. I use guided meditations and hypnotherapy tracks to transform my mindset and help others to the same.  

I have 2 free ones on my website – self-love and confidence boosting one and one on forgiving and letting go and having a happy relationship. If you like that, I have my manifest while you rest audio program which has 30 tracks to shift your whole world in many areas… all for $97 check out my website or email me for details.

Hypnotherapy really helped Derek who was seeking anger management in Dubai. Derek really believed that his temper and stomach and back problems were a result of his genes. That his father was loud, angry and aggressive and he got it from him. He believed his hot bloodedness  as he called it,  was “in his DNA” and that back issues and stomach issues both his parents had so it’s something he will have to. He didn’t have a relationship with his father, because of the way he was violent towards his mother growing up. The domestic violence had caused their family to split. Derek didn’t want to be like his father and ruin his family life, so he finally reached out for help after smashing his phone and breaking his foot kicking the bed frame so hard in an argument with his wife.

I reassured Derek that I have had great success with helping people heal themselves through changing thoughts and anger management in Dubai. As a counsellor in Dubai and around the world I’ve noticed that everything can be changed when we work with the subconscious and conscious mind simultaneously.

Many people that sign up for my individual breakthrough 3 day process have anxiety, depression, lack social confidence or have low self-esteem, they tend to blame their DNA as they notice the pattern in their family. Sadly, this misbelief that we are a result of our genes and our DNA is not in our control, leads people to accept and not change their life. Where people believe that they are destined for the same fate as their parents or grandparents. Some give up on trying to help their body heal illnesses which is also a real shame.

I facilitated several sessions with Derek where we focused on clearing the negative thought loops that created his angry outbursts. For him resentful thoughts played in his head regularly, he resented many people who had hurt or harmed him in the past. He also didn’t like himself. He was annoyed at where he was in life, he didn’t feel successful enough or rich enough and felt he had let those he loved down. Derek had also gone off sex with all the stress he causing his body to suffer and this also made him feel like he was failing his wife. He also believed himself to be hot blooded, with a temper, it was part of how he identified himself as man not to be messed with.

So all these negative beliefs had to be cleared, so Derek could be free, see his worth and start living in a more fun way. I helped him to switch the way he thought about himself, about life and reinstalled a new calm way of responding to all his triggers of anger. 

The first part in the 3 day intensive is understanding the thoughts and emotions like resentment, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, worry to clear. The second part is releasing by learning from them and creating new ways of acting and responding. The third part is creating new habits, thought patterns and actions. Derek decided to release his physical energy in more positive ways. He started with boxing and walking and as his health got better he started football again. His wife noticed the change in him, his calmness, kindness and seeing him smile more enabled them to get back the passion.

We had weekly email check ins for three months, where Derek updated me on his progress. We can change so much when we change our thoughts, as they affect our feelings, our physiology (our body) our behavior and therefore our results.

As an anxiety counsellor in Dubai and online I see so many cases like Derek, where people want to learn how to turn their lives around and create a better life for themselves, than the one that they have grown up in.

When I work with clients, I go through a range of techniques that are best suited to the client. That being said here is what I recommend for you if you want to change your life or are fearing you have become like your parent’s or grandparents.




How Thoughts Affect Our DNA



Hypnotherapy and guided meditations

Knowing the impact thoughts have on our DNA, behaviours and actions, so it is a no brainer that therapies like hypnotherapy, that help to rewire our thoughts, can be so powerful for changing lives. When I facilitate a session with my clients, we cover all areas of their life where limiting beliefs may have been made. We then focus on the future – what do they want to see in their lives and what do they want to change etc. I then create hypnotherapy audios that specifically address the goals or fears we have discussed – replacing the negative thoughts they have with positive affirmations and using powerful visualization.

Guided meditations and hypnotherapy can also be great for healing the body. I spoke a little about the impact of stress hormones on the cells in our bodies and the negative impact stress has on our overall health. So guided meditations can help everyone reduce their stress levels and get into better health. When you incorporate it into your daily routine you can counteract the high levels of stress we are exposed to in our modern day life.

Guided meditations and hypnotherapy encourage you to fall into a deep state of relaxation and surround yourself with positivity. In fact, the University of New Hampshire’s Office of Health Education found that regular guided meditation has a huge positive effect on a person’s blood pressure, cravings for alcohol or nicotine, improved focus and attention span and higher quality relationships.



Incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine



Incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine

To start with I want to explain what exactly an affirmation is. If you think about it when you affirm something, it means you are confirming that something exists or is truthful. 


Affirmations can be both positive and negative thoughts, which then subsequently, impacts your state of mind accordingly. For example, repeating that you are happy, healthy and successful can push you to think more positively, give you more energy to become more successful and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Additionally, repetition of negative thoughts or sayings, can impact our mood and ability to do things, for example, I will never be attractive enough, our marriage will never be happy again or it’s too late for me to be successful, can influence our mood and make us feel lethargic or low – thus holding us back from reaching our goals in life.


Thinking negatively and saying negative things to yourself, isn’t your fault. The things we say or think are as a result of our upbringing, our beliefs and our experiences. This is not to blame our parents.  If your parent’s didn’t know how to love themselves or how to be gentle and kind then it would be impossible for them to pass that on to you. They were most likely mirroring how they were treated and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s been difficult for you to love yourself or be gentle and kind. Many children that were shown “tough love” or simply left to their own devices and not given much attention adopt beliefs like: “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve happiness” or lack confidence. So don’t hold any anger or guilt towards yourself this will only hold you back. The good thing is that these are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed. In my 3 day breakthrough process we change around 25 to 50 negative thoughts and beliefs freeing a person.

So take some time to sit down and think about your most negative thoughts and then write them down. Next to them write down positive affirmations that counteract the negative thoughts. Now take those positive affirmations and place them somewhere that is easy to see – somewhere that is close to your bed or by your bathroom mirror or car so you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Some people also find it helpful to write them in notes on their phone too so that they can read them throughout the day. Read them out loud at least twice daily. Repetition of positive affirmations has the power to change our thoughts and rewire our brains to think differently.


There are so many people around the world who believe their fate is down to their DNA and the genes that they are given through their parents, however, all this does is lead to negative thoughts that make them feel powerless in their fate. As explored today, we know that negative thoughts can negatively impact the cells that make up our DNA and genetics so by changing our thought patterns, we are able to change our future.

If you feel like you could benefit from counselling in Dubai or around the world, I would love for you to contact me and see how we can work together to start changing your future. Do not buy into the belief that you are stuck, it’s too late to change things, everything is possible. I would love to help you create a future that is brighter, healthier and full of happiness.