Coming Closer, Rebuilding Trust & Togetherness


Whilst most of us right now have to stay indoors due to isolation and social distancing, it is such a great time to rekindle your love for one another. This includes going back to having date nights, spending time to reconnect without the distractions of the outside world, do little romantic things for one another like running a hot bath, cuddling on the sofa whilst watching a movie, playing games together, or spending time being intimate with one another. For those that seek online relationship counseling we cover 25 needs that build connection and release holding on to resentment – leaving people to feel more peace and love in their heart and home.
Actions can help you to reignite that love and sensuality between you both.


In my online counselling for relationships I cover the “5 A’s” by David Richo, which he considered key in any relationship in order to flourish. The “5 A’s” are Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection and Allowing.
I’ll briefly explain what each one means and how you can use this in your relationship and if you are living apart right now or single then treat yourself with these 5 A’s as they are key for self-love also –


  • Attention
    Being aware of others and the needs of our loved ones; including showing care and consideration for their feelings. This will encourage open and honest discussions, as when someone feels like the other person is truly paying attention, they are more likely to open up more.
  • Acceptance
    When you feel that you are respected, loved and understood, you feel accepted and as humans we are wired to feel wanted and accepted so that we do not feel alone.
  • Appreciation
    By showing someone that we appreciate them, we are validating that they are loved and wanted – it shows that their efforts do not go unnoticed. This means they will want to do more to show you love too.
  • Affection
    As humans we need physical, mental and emotional affection – this includes intimacy, feeling cared for and being in a warming and loving relationship. We do not function well when we are around cold and unloving people.
  • Allowing
    This is important and links well with the other A’s as it allows someone to to be themselves without strict rules or regulations – we do not try to control our loved one’s behaviours as controlling someone isn’t human and it really does make you feel less accepted and underappreciated.


There has never been a better time to work on your communication, relationship and self-love skills so reach out for coaching support or treat yourself to the marriage makeover audio program to rebuild your relationship in this time of crisis. It’s super affordable for a limited time only $97 – check out my shop page for details. If you would like to know more about online relationship counseling do get in touch, I’d be so happy to hear from you.