What are the signs that can indicate an addiction to DEPRESSION misery, unhappiness and complaining –


    1. Struggle to accept you can change things in your life –
      You think that happiness is outside of your control and that others have good things in their life because they are fortunate. You tend to think that all the bad things that have happened in your life indicates that you are never going to be happy and as lucky as others. That you need to accept your fate and short-comings and are doomed to unhappiness.


    1. You blame everything and everyone else for how you feel –
      Instead of looking inwards, you tend to blame others for things that happen to you. For example, you always feel like your friends or family don’t include you in events when in reality you either tend to shy away or decline invites – putting yourself in the position of showing no interest in your friend’s or family events, they may lose interest as expect you to decline but you see it as you are the victim in the situation. Where you are not proactive you don’t invite them to things, show interest, suggest that you would love to spend time with them.


    1. Everything becomes a competition about you having the hardest life –
      When your friends or family members are going through a difficult time, you tend to share how difficult your life is or has been. You like to always share how tough you have it compared to them. You can’t support others because you are in the victim mode and feel like your life is harder than anyone else. I’ve had a few men and women share with me in my breakthrough sessions that their mothers do this, no matter what they are going through they share that they have had it harder or they are currently suffering more. It can be so draining this.


    1. You can’t accept good things happening –
      Even if there are instances where good things are happening or you are enjoying something, you tend to shut it down quickly and want to focus on the negative things. Or you may say to yourself, something bad is bound to happen now or fear the good thing or times won’t last. If there is nothing negative happening at that moment in time, you sit waiting to spot when the next bad thing will happen.


  1. You take everything personally –

    Let say someone explains to you their feedback on your work, idea, approach opinion, appearance. You literally only hear the negative and repeat that internally and take offense. You delete the positive. You may think to yourself or say out loud “I should have known this wouldn’t work out” or “I can’t believe they think that badly of me” when neither are accurate thoughts. Even more dramatic than this you think everything is a personal attack on your or about you. A person doesn’t reply to you for a few days you think they don’t like you. A person cancels on you, they don’t respect you. Or a family member says they can’t answer your call you think they are avoiding you or keeping you in the dark. Your romantic partner is on the phone a lot or home late from work, you assume they are not interested in you anymore. You take everything personally and feel like it is an attack on you or that they don’t like you.


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