As an addiction counselor, certified hypnotherapist and life coach I have used hypnotherapy for many different addictions. Including food addiction treatment, sex addiction treatment, game addiction treatment and addiction counseling in Dubai and online more generally and I always use hypnotherapy as part of the addiction counseling services here is why


Hypnotherapy allows us to transcend the critical mind and make changes at the subconscious level:


The term subconscious mind or unconscious mind is nothing to be scared of. It is the best part of the human body as it controls everything and it’s primary purpose is to protect us. It is responsible for making our eyes shine, hair grow, heart beat, and breathes effortlessly for us 24/7  – it runs the body and as Dr Deepak Chopra says it knows exactly how to keep us in perfect health. It is where we learn behaviours, habits and it stores our memories emotions etc, so for lasting change we need to work with the subconscious mind. I do this through powerful meditations I create for my clients so that they can create a new life. To create a new life we need to get the analytical mind out of the way.


So rather than aiming to change all the thoughts during the day and getting overwhelmed or using will power alone I support people to easily and effortlessly make changes by co-creating a guided meditation with me, they choose what they want in it and I give them the recording to repeat daily. It can break patterns, install positive thoughts and change obsessions.


I worked with a lady who had obsessive thoughts she messaged me saying Nicola I believe I need your addiction counseling services. She was having thoughts about her new neighbour  that had just moved into the villa next door to her. He was friendly but from the scenarios she explained to me, it was clear that she had this dreamy outlook and idealistic interpretation of their interactions, for example, on the second night that he had moved in he handed out food to a few families in the neighbourhood. Instead of focusing on the fact he was just being friendly to people in his new area, she was obsessed with the fact he made the effort to interact with her. She would make up conversations in her mind that would lead to random thoughts throughout the day and even pushed her to go and throw the garbage out when her neighbour would be coming home from work.


She wasted so much time thinking about him, she was falling behind in other areas. Sometimes these were sexual and she asked do you think I need sex addiction treatment? I said let’s do hypnotherapy for the addictive thoughts as it works really well.  We used the meditation (hypnotherapy) I created to ground her thoughts. Instead of imagining unrealistic scenarios with her neighbour, I was able to create an audio full of positive affirmations with her goals that she wanted to achieve and the enhancements she wanted to make to her own life.  One of the things we focused on was being more sexually open, free to express, initiate sex and enjoy it more. After 2 weeks she emailed me saying how her and her husband were having passionate sex for the first time.


With guided meditations created specifically for us and what we want, then repeated daily for several weeks we can change anything we want. Remember all labels and mental health conditions are a set of behaviours that is how Psycharists and Psychologists diagnose people by there behaviours. Almost all behaviours are learned, so you can unlearn them. Rather than focusing on a label and putting yourself or others into a box, get clear on the behaviours you want to change and change them.  


If you find yourself being the person with a partner who is experiencing obsessive thoughts limerence, or your husband has sex addiction or wife has sex addiction it can be heartbreaking because let’s face it, no one wants their significant other to be dreaming about or idolizing another man or woman. However, only they can change it and you can support them by enhancing your relationship.


If you are in a situation where you are obsessed with thoughts about someone else or worried you have any other addiction that may benefit from addiction counseling dubai or online then do feel free to reach out to me.


Or if you are researching on behalf of another about addiction treatment services I would be happy to have a call with you to discuss further. You can book a free 20-minute breakthrough call with me on my website