Hypnotherapy for ADHD ADD in Adults – Husband Wife Has ADHD

With the right hypnotherapist, a person with ADHD can learn to manage their symptoms and lead a calmer life and have a more loving, successful relationship with their partner.

Research has shown that a trained and certified hypnotherapist can make a positive impact on adults who have an ADHD diagnosis. In fact, a study was carried out on adults with ADHD who had chosen hypnotherapy as a treatment and had positive results. A follow up study was carried out and the results showed that hypnotherapy had a better outcome for adults with ADHD than CBT! Again, I have to emphasize this is only applicable when you are accessing treatment with a trained and certified hypnotherapist.

Clients I have supported have benefited from hypnotherapy in the following ways –

Giving them a sense of control over their own life, thoughts and behaviours – the hypnotherapy audios I create are specifically for the client, using affirmations that are unique to their situation – addressing the things they discuss with me before we start the hypnotherapy sessions.

Increasing confidence and self-esteem – I include positive affirmations to boost each client’s confidence and self-esteem as I know how difficult it must be to continually be told you are not good enough. With a hypnotherapy audio that
taps into your sub conscious mind and replaces those negative thoughts with more positive, encouraging ones. It helps people to break free from limitations they or others have put on themselves like I cannot focus, I cannot follow through and removes negative labels.

Gives clients a chance to relax and give their mind a break – having a hypnotherapy session with me, my clients are given time to free their mind of the overwhelming and all-consuming thoughts. Clients have shared that the hypnotherapy audio I give them at the end of a personal intensive breakthrough session to listen to before they go to bed, has helped them sleep better and for longer. This has a really positive impact on their levels of concentration, overall happiness and peace of mind.

I hope the information and tips I have shared today help anyone that finds themselves in the position where either they are struggling with ADHD or are married to a person with ADHD.

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