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  Having had the privilege of supporting thousands of people around the world to break-free from old habits and the past, so they can live a life they love my best material has been formatted in short audio courses and meditations to bring about a fast change. They have been proven to generate results quickly and all are downloadable straight away, so you don’t have to wait a minute longer to start acting towards your happiness. The audio programs come with a money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply) so there is no risk just every reason to say yes to yourself and future. The best thing about all of these is you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home, yes, no commute, or getting ready, just simply listen and follow the steps to enhance your life.      

Marriage And Relationship

    Over 75% of people that take Traditional Marriage and Couple Coaching are said to end up either Divorced, Separated Or Feeling Much Worse than when they began.   My approach is radically different to most coaches and is an ALTERNATIVE to outdated, traditional marriage coaching – it’s Marriage Coaching and it’s a proven system for rebuilding and strengthening marriages. I focus on:  
  • Injecting the relationship with more positivity
  • A structured ACTION plan to rebuild the connection, trust, and closeness.


The Empowered Love Formula 

  The Empowered Love Formula has taught thousands of couples how to save a marriage, offering comprehensive, professional marriage advice. The Audio version comes with over 30 audio’s including lessons and meditations yours to download instantly that will support you to transform your energy, relationship and mindset for greater happiness, connection and closeness. If you like my podcast show, your love this specially crafted program as it takes you step by step how to strengthen and repair your marriage. Each audio comes with actions, so you don’t just read about change you live it and make strides in your relationship.

Audios include:

  • How to let go of pessimism, resentment and past hurt
  • How to rebuild trust and a sense of togetherness
  • How to create more passion, excitement and attraction
  • 100 list of activities you can do to add more fun and laughter in your life.
  • Tips to help with, affairs, anger, boredom and anxiety
  • Over 7 guided meditations to help you lift negativity and doubts from your life

Sexual Libido Energy Boost

Increase body confidence, overcome sexual blocks (physical and emotional), feel confident in your sexual energy and body. This hypnotherapy bundle is available for immediate download and there are 4 tracks in each the women and men’s bundle

Affair Recovery Program

The affair recovery program has been designed to support individuals and couples where there has been a sexting, internet, emotional or physical affair or where there is an unhealthy overuse of porn and other outlets. There are different tracks private coaching sessions in Dubai or online include: 1: For the cheated on spouse to get past the affair and feel themselves again with a focus on boosting self-esteem and calming any insecurities with greater clarity on what to do. 2: For the cheating husband or wife offering guidance to help their spouse heal, understand why they did it and drive the marriage forward to a better place than ever before. 3: A couple program to create lasting change, series of individual and separate sessions that facilitates greater closeness, improved communication, clears resentment and negativity. 4: Audio program with 30 plus audios to work on the relationship alone or together step by step to create a happier, more fulfilling and passionate marriage.    

Love Yourself to Receive More Love

Are you ready to receive more love and start putting your needs first? GOOD YOU SHOULD BE! Nothing is more important than Love in your life! In this comprehensive course, I'll teach you the EXACT STEPS to stop the cycle of negative thoughts, chronic dissatisfaction and relationship drama. Transform feeling unseen, unheard, unimportant and distanced-from in your family or romantic relationships into feeling love and loved. As well as the EXACT steps to keep your love energy alive. HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN IN THIS COURSE:


Individual Growth and Transformation

Self-Confidence Secrets

The secret to creating your life, relationships and finances the way you want them is to believe in yourself. To believe you deserve it and can have what it is your heart most desires. When we criticise, judge or feel annoyed at ourselves for the way we look, act or measure up to others we will be miserable.

Self-Confidence secrets is a 16-module audio program and 60 page plus PDF document full of exercises designed to support you to feel more calm, confident and happy with yourself. It’s not like other self-help books that talk about using positive affirmations or saying I love you in the mirror to yourself! It works because it’s guides you to shift your energy and take positive actions DAILY to enhance your life. You also get 8 meditations to listen to whilst sleeping to make the transformation deeper and faster. It’s never too late to reset your self-esteem and start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated with love and respect.


Freedom from Emotional Eating – 10 Step Video Course

In this 10-step video program you will learn how to break free from emotional eating for good. By learning how to escape the unsatisfying cycle of frustration and self-medication with food you can focus on what really matters in life: laughter, love and peace. I will show you how to have peace with your body, self and food, so you can be your best, and love your best life. You also gain free access to the 16- module, 8-week self-confidence course.

PLUS: 3 weight loss and healthy eating hypnotherapy tracks, an exercise motivation track and motivation to avoid procrastination so you stick to it.


Manifest While You Rest

Tap into the Infinite Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Inner Knowing to Take Charge of Your Own Well-Being This hypnotherapy and meditation transformation kit has been carefully designed to support you to change your life, whilst relaxing. It’s an absolute myth that manifesting abundance is difficult Get this amazing 14 guided meditation bundle to enhance your life and get 7 hypnotherapy habit changing tracks free as a bonus.

Secrets to Transformation:

Move your body to manifest your desires. Discover How to Take Charge of Your Life Using the Power of Your Mind, Body and Soul through a 60 minute guided dance class.
Increase your energy by raising your vibration to attract more to you and release any stress or tension by moving it out of your body. Not only will you feel great your lose weight in the process from shedding anything weighing you down physically, emotionally and mentally. In this comprehensive online program you will be given: A full 60 minute plus guided movement meditation dance class, 7 guided meditations, 7 audios with a 60+ page PDF document covering the 7 pillars of Vinana to really support you to manifest your desires.

Move To Manifest

For us to manifest the best in life we need to work from the inside out. Although we can’t control each one that happens in our lives, we can control how we react and what energy we give out – and that energy can bring more to us. Using the power of music, rhythm, dance, breathwork, meditation and group support many find they can attract more love, financial success and better health to them than they would setting goals alone. This fun, sociable and freeing 23 videos of dance classes and 23 meditations included