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Hydration Hub Express

For Dehydrated you

AED 299

(20% discount on 3 or more sessions)

Cool your body’s dehydration with our Super infusion IV hydration drip. Hydration solution combined with electrolytes concoction helps augment dehydration and protect against toxins in the external and internal environment.



POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Replenishes hydration that are depleted by alcohol, food poisoning, or illness. Highly beneficial for food poisoning & dehydration.



KEY INGREDIENTS: 250ml isotonic solution,
Electrolytes cocktail

When to Drip

Premium IV Therapy Dubai

Under the Weather



Pollutant Exposure

Get Back On Your Feet with IV hydration drip


Isotonic Solution

A simple but potent infusion of electrolyte hydration to help nurture you back to a happier, healthier state.

Electrolyte Cocktail

To help increase your natural energy and get you back to feeling functional.

Pair With

CoQ10 has many health benefits including playing a vital role in the production of energy in the body (ATP), muscle recovery after exercise, and increasing circulation.
The Co-Enzyme Q10 NutriBooster is perfect for low energy, athletic performance and recovery.
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