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Before I started working with Nicola … I was not happy about this area of my life; Was going through a separation and divorce. Was a daily struggle to stay focused on my career, keeping me head up while performing my daily tasks at work.

The most difficult part was… Feeling like I was a failure, like I was alone and unable to keep a marriage or relationship together.

If I had continued down the path I was on…(what would have happened?) I would have never been happy, satisfied and I would have continued to sacrifice my own happiness for someone else’s. Also believing that I was the only one in the world going through these types of feeling and struggles.

The thing about Nicola is that she is… Every time I had an issue, felt alone, needed advice and just needed some to listen she was there. It seemed like she already knew what I was going to say or ask, she was always a few steps ahead of me waiting to help me through what I was going through. Similar to a parent or leader that is there in front of you with their hand out willing to walk with you through tough times.

My biggest insight or lesson learned during our coaching was… Make sure that communication with my girlfriend or wife was the most important thing. Also treating your relationship like your career, as in you do a lot of on the job training to be successful the same goes for a successful relationship. You have to make time for each other, do things together and make each other a priority.

And this was valuable because… To be successful in life it takes work, same goes with any relationship.

If I had to measure the results I’d say I gained…(closer relationship, less conflict, peace of mind, focus, confidence, revenue increase) I feel I’ve really realized you have to focus on what’s important, building the foundation to a strong relationship, better communication, making sure you treat them like you want to be treated. With everything going on around you, just stop and take time fro each other like the saying goes “Stop and smell the roses”.

I’d recommend Nicola to anyone having any type of issues in their relationship, also if you had troubled relationship, troubled past or childhood just anything that causes you daily or weekly struggles.

I’ve never been through relationship counseling before, and even after working with Nicola still don’t feel like I have. It didn’t feel like marriage or relationship counseling, I always felt like I had a personal development coach or mentor. When we talked it was mostly about what I wanted to do with myself, my life, what made me happy, where I saw myself in 3-10 years. I think that my experience was better than a normal couples therapy that I hear about and friends have been through.

Anything else you’d like Nicola to know? I’m thankful I found your podcasts when I was at a very low point in my life and made the decision to reach out for help. I know I’m a strong individual but I also know when I need some extra help. Thank you for being so nice and helpful when I needed it most.