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Preparation for NLP Training Online– Home Study

You may be saying to yourself that 12 hours a month for 5 months is not sufficient time to learn and understand the concepts of NLP coaching and to acquire the knowledge of the processes and models involved within NLP Practitioner Training. 

Agreed, the 12 hours a month for 5 months certification training may not seem like much time to learn so much! However, that is why in preparation to learn NLP online a comprehensive audio pre-study course is available to you prior to attending the scheduled full training courses. The pre-study audio course can be completed at your convenience and at your own speed to familiarize yourself with, and be introduced to many of the key concepts of NLP.


Nicola will be conducting regular NLP Practitioner Certification courses right through the year. So just contact Nicola on at or by Whatsapp on (+971) 509454233 to find out course timings and book your place.


The format is 12 Hours Direct Life Coaching Certification with Nicola Beer online for 5 months or a 7 Day Hotel Stay in Fujerah in 2022.

The Online NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching Certification

The NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching Certification will teach you the underlying beliefs that form the foundation of the NLP model of being able to change your inner world and therefore change your life. It’s about taking control of your unconscious mind so you can modify your thoughts and emotions and discarding unwanted or limiting ideas so your behaviour and results take your life and those you help to a new level. The NLP Prac and Life Coaching Certification will assist you in:

Achieving Goals
Sensory Representation
Submodalities – How We Structure Our Experiences
Sensory Acuity
Strategies and Sequencing
Moving Beyond Doubts

Time-Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training

Your reactions to current situations is affected by your past experiences. Time Line Therapy® enables you to amend negative behaviours which you may be exhibiting unconsciously, and take command of your own destiny and reach your goals.

To assist in empowering your clients in achieving true emotional freedom the Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certificate Training will enable you to remove the internal barriers in others and yourself. Time Line Therapy® also teaches you to identify the future you want and deserve:

Relationship Coaching Certification

Once you have learnt NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® you will learn how to become a Life Coach and Relationship Coach. By completing the Relationship Coaching Certification segment. Nicola has been working in the area of relationships for 13 years and you will specifically learn

Applying NLP Learning In YOUR LIFE

The uses of NLP are numerous and can help transform our perception, communication, reactions and behaviours to enable us to live happier, more fulfilling lives.


By completing NLP Certification Training with Nicola Beer you will be able apply NLP techniques and models to the following:

What Next?

So join Nicola Beer, Successful Life and Relationship Coach Certification Trainer online for this exciting and life changing NLP training. Incorporating home-study, an 18 hour audio learning programme, in-house coaching and online live training.


This comprehensive online learning experience enables you to acquire the skills needed to gain certification in Time Line Therapy®, NLP Practitioner Coaching and Life and Relationship Coaching Certification. By utilising the Neuro Linguistic Programming model (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Relationship Coach Training taught by Nicola you can get the results your clients seek to improve their lives and relationships.


In addition to this you will attain NLP Coaching Certification and be attested as a Relationship Coach by Relationship Coach Training Association.


All available either in 1 week stay in Fujairah, UAE 2022 or 5 month online study. 



NLP Practitioner Certification® Training

The spaces in Our Relationship Coach and NLP Practitioner Training and  are limited and many trainings sell out in advance. As Nicola likes to make sure the group is small enough to offer close support throughout your journey.


You need to reserve your seat soon because there is a good chance, if you don’t, you won’t be able to attend. Space goes quickly…so enroll now by clicking the button below.



If you would like further  information regarding Relationship Coach Training with and NLP Practitioner or Hypnosis Training please contact Nicola at or alternatively by Whatsapp on (+971) 509454233.