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Why Take a Relationship Coach Training with Nicola Beer?

Life is about relationships. When you think about it, most of our happiest memories are with people we like or love. Whether family, romantic, friends, clients, colleagues we need to be able to build connections, adapt our communication to be understood and to understand others. One of the most famous NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Masters is Antony (Tony) Robbins who is the richest and most successful coach in world. He states


“The quality of your life Is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships.”


Nicola Beer is a highly successful life coach who specialises in relationships and many other areas. She brings to her relationship coach trainings experience as a coach, trainer and hypnotherapist for over 13 years. The NLP Practitioner and NLP Coaching Course with Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy changed Nicola’s life 13 years ago and since then she has had great success. Which is why she combines her Relationship Coach Certification with 4 other internationally recognised certifications:

This Relationship Coach Training includes 5 Certifications

Why NLP Training? Why become a certified NLP Practitioner?

Have you ever wondered why the goals that you are working for are not being reached? Or are your relationships not as healthy or happy as you want them to be, despite your best efforts? 


The answer to these questions could be ineffective communication to others or even more importantly, communication within yourself. This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Training can help with understanding what your inner voice is saying to you, and how you are communicating it to others. NLP not only an invaluable tool for improving personal happiness, relationships and career performance but can also be used to treat anxiety disorders and phobias by modifying our thoughts and behaviours to achieve the results listed below:

  • Improve efficiency of communication between yourselves and others.
  • Motivation and empowerment to improve self-image and confidence.
  • Increase your confidence and communicate to inspire others. 
  • Improve the quality of your relationships both personal and in business.
  • Discard unhealthy and damaging reactions and replace with new positive behaviours.
  • To reach your goals by removing barriers to achievement. 
  • To become adept at interpreting non-verbal cues and body-language.
  • Have the power to control of your emotions.
  • Change thinking influenced by past experiences.
  • Improve your perception and understanding of your subconscious mind.
  • Cultivate your sensory awareness to better understand others and yourself.

NLP is constituted of the 3 aspects of Neurology, Linguistics/Language and Programming. NLP enables you discern that our minds and bodies are programmed according to past experiences and is a valuable skill to improve both communication and the understanding of behaviours. Our programming influences our subconscious feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Our subconsciousness dictates our reactions and in turn driving emotions and behaviours. Our lives are impacted by the behaviours we exhibit, both positively and negatively. It is possible for an NLP Practitioner to update their programming to newer, more positive behaviours and reactions enabling them to reach their goals and improve relationships.


This is what we want for ourselves and for others, so undertaking an NLP Coaching Course will qualify the individual to utilise Neuro Linguistic Programming by attaining a NLP life coaching certification to improve the lives of others. As an experienced NLP Practitioner and Coach based in Dubai United Arab Emirates, I can provide the expertise and training for those wishing to benefit from NLP themselves or to provide NLP techniques to help others.


At Nicola Beer Relationship Transformation I can offer full a NLP Coaching Course which will equip the individual with the skills, techniques and a relationship and life coaching certification designed to teach others to reach the aforementioned goals of NLP training. The NLP coaching course will assist in developing the skills required to gain life coaching certification and garner the ability to change deep-set beliefs by retraining the unconscious mind. In addition to this, the learning of how to present confidently, influence the thoughts and learnings of others and utilise advanced linguistic techniques and models is addressed.


If this all sounds too good to be true and a little overwhelming at the same time. We have you covered one of the primary advantages of studying the NLP Practitioner in Dubai with Nicola is the extra support and pre-study material offered. The NLP practitioner training course comes with 20 CD’s (now Mp3’s 😊) and a manual before you start to get you on your way to success plus 2 recommended books).

Want to help and coach others?

Having 5 Certifications in one will enable you to utilise and mix a variety of techniques taught in the NLP Coaching Course. 

Once you have completed your NLP life coaching certification course your ability identify and react to pre-learned behaviours of the client to utilise the most efficient technique or model will be improved and you are on your way to becoming an accomplished NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach as well as a Relationship Coach when you take the Relationship Coaching Certification.

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