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Why Take The Life Coaching Certification with Nicola Beer?

As the world we live in has become more stressful and competitive, the value of life coaching to help people overcome barriers to success and reach their full potential is being realised. Removing obstacles preventing improvement and increasing the self-awareness required to gain advantage in both life and career  are reasons why life coaching is more popular and mainstream than ever and more people are choosing to take life coaching courses to gain relationship and life coaching certification than ever before.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in becoming a life coach and these can include:

If you have decided you want to complete a life coaching certification as your goal is becoming a life coach and or relationship coach then you will want to undertake the most comprehensive training encompassing all the skills required to be the very best coach that you can be.


And this is why the relationship coach training and best life coaching certification online skills you can get includes 4 international certifications provided by Nicola Beer encompassing a variety of techniques equips you with the skills you need to aid the positive transformation of your clients.

Why Take This Course Over Other Life Coaching Certification Courses

Life coaching is valuable at identifying factors which are affecting you in your work and personal life including:

However, a limiting factor in traditional life coaching is what do you once you have identified the root cause of a problem there is little you can do the overcome or change it. So, how do you take life coaching to the next level?


Rather than just identifying the barriers that are blocking your clients pathways to success, remove them and give your client the power to work towards a more rewarding life and career by completing the NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach Certification Online with Nicola Beer you gain 4 certifications in 1. 


Techniques learnt in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching are valuable and effective methods in eliminating behaviours and reactions that are holding you and your clients back from maximising their opportunities. Providing solutions to barriers you have identified and moving past them is a key feature of NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Practitioner Training and is a MASSIVE advantage over traditional life coaching techniques.


Being effective and successful life coach can be achieved by following a core principle of NLP which promotes the value of doing absolutely the best you can with the resources you have. 


So, increase the resources and tools at your disposal by completing the best life coach certification available to you. The Nicola Beer NLP, relationship and life coaching certification online is both comprehensive and effective and teaches NLP Coaching Techniques, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis skills to achieve optimum results. Enabling you to gain Relationship Coaching Certification and NLP Life Coaching Certification in addition to NLP Practitioner and  Time Line Therapy® certifications.

Skills You Will Learn

Nicola runs the Relationship and NLP Life Coaching Certification because it has brought her the most success over the past 13 years. She now gives you everything she has learnt to help you to massively transform your own life and those around you.



The combination of learning these 4 techniques and learning from a person who has walked, lived and breathed the same path with great success will set you aside from other life coaches taking a basic life coaching certification. The more skills you have the more you will be able to assist people make lasting transformations in all walks of life 😊

So, join Nicola Beer, Successful Life and Relationship Coaching Certification Trainer in Dubai for this exciting and life changing NLP training. Incorporating home-study, an 18 hour audio learning programme, in-house coaching and live training this comprehensive online learning experience enables you to acquire the skills needed to gain certification in Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and become a NLP Practitioner.


For further information regarding NLP Training and Coaching Certifications please contact Nicola at or alternatively by Whatsapp on (+971) 509454233.