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Holistic Life Therapy School presents the 21st Century alternative to life coaching
certification online and in person life coaching courses. 

“Discover How To Transform Your Mind, how to Remove Negative Thoughts and Feelings) That Block Your Success Once And For All…


..and finally, build a highly lucrative 6-figure business even if you’ve tried and failed before!”

Many people agree that NLP training and the NLP practitioner (NLP prac) courses are out-dated and not something that suits the modern lifestyle, way of thinking and human mind. Hypnosis certification online and in person hypnotherapy training courses are a great start but don’t go far enough either… 


I want to show you the secrets I’ve learnt over the past 13 years to help me feel happier and more fulfilled, clear blockages and limitations, so you can start living in your power, leaving a legacy of impact and meaning. 


What You’re About to Watch Could Wash Away The Blockages Keeping You From The Next Chapter of Abundance and Success in Your Life…


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If you’ve tried to create lasting change, so you can level up in all areas of life


And failed…


It’s not your fault.


and I totally get that you don’t want to spend more time and money on solutions that don’t fix the root problem for you or your clients, 


I first took a life coach certification online, then a life coaching certification course in person and after that I went on to do a hypnotherapy certification online and after that I did my nlp practitioner (nlp prac) course which is nlp training. 


None of them were enough to create profound lasting change for me or my clients.


Because they only focus on one part of the self (the mind). What about deep emotional releasing? What about the body and physical well-being? 


I digged further and after 23 certifications later, 13 years more studying… I discovered the secret to lasting change 


Where in just a few minutes, you can enjoy the feeling of connection with your mind, body, AND… spirit expanding to new depths like you never thought possible. 


Does this appeal to you so far? 


If yes, sit back and enjoy the ride by watching the Holistic Life Therapy School Masterclass


AND do make sure you are giving this your full attention, turn off any other distractions, it’s pointless to do something half heartedly as you will only get half hearted results. 


Plus this could be the best 55 mins you ever spend working on yourself….


In the Holistic Life Therapy Masterclass you will learn


Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That… 


The ONLY WAY for you to release unwanted emotions and blockages and finally access the next level of success in all areas of your life is to Install a new  submerged mind using all 3 aspects of self – 


And the  ONLY WAY for you to install a new submerged mind  using all 3 aspects of self with the Holistic Life Therapy Method!

You will also learn in the Holistic Life Therapy Masterclass