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Gift of Love from Nicola Beer

I created these gifts because I know they work in helping to feel more calm, confident and empowered. Life can be tough sometimes; I know I’ve been there! I had a difficult childhood living with a highly stressed and depressed mum. I suffered from low self-esteem and this led to using cigarettes, food and alcohol as a crutch for many years. Where I swapped one addictive habit with another. Needless to say, my relationships, health and finances didn’t go well either, as I felt anxious, fed up and never quite good enough.

Then I managed to turn all of this around and it started by changing my thoughts and feelings about myself and getting the right information and support at the right time.

Since making a bunch of small positive changes, I became a best-selling author in 4 books, have been featured on major news channels, launched 2 successful businesses, fell in love with my soul mate and became free from unhealthy habits. My dream is to help others do the same and that’s why I created these gifts and became an anxiety, depression and marriage counsellor in Dubai and online.

Now I combine counselling services in Dubai and online with hypnotherapy, life coaching and somatic therapy as well as bodywork courses for a holistic approach.

Check out the gifts designed to support you to lift your spirits, love yourself, fix your relationship and feel calmer and confident. Hope you enjoy, I’d love your feedback 😊


7 Secrets to Strengthening Your Marriage

Tips on how to strengthen your marriage straight away with or without marriage counselling.

Also ideal for those wondering how to stop divorce.

Forgive & Let Go - Marriage Meditation

Ideal to begin to let go of resentment, negative incidents, past and current hurt.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to trust again or shift negative or insecure thoughts. This relaxation meditation will help you relax and let go.


Self-Confidence Meditation

This audio will support you to let go of perfectionism, turn off your inner critic, love and respect yourself. This is important as when you feel good in yourself your be able to create better results, relationships and happier memories. Relax, listen and start feeling calm and confident.

Freedom from Emotional Eating

Get the 3 secrets to stop the unsatisfying cycle of frustration & self-medication with food. Say goodbye to thinking about food all the time and start living your life more fully.

Free Daily Dance Classes 

Join the Vinana Dance community - a place for people who love to dance, want to release stress and tension and have fun.  Vinana dance therapy is ideal if you want to manifest your dreams, let go of any stress or tension, so, you can feel elevated and energised.

Thanks for visiting, I’d love to connect with you personally and share tips daily to enhance your life. I reply to all comments and questions on my Instagram, Facebook page and group as well as my youtube channels; let’s chat and stay in touch there.