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Coaching and Stress Management in Dubai

Here’s What You Can Expect:

A relaxed, secured private coaching environment where you can share any difficult feelings. Together we will discuss actions you can take to find your way out. I personally don't believe in just talk therapy; in my stress management coaching, I focus on actions which align our mind and body to work together. Combining this with hypnotherapy, guided meditations and somatic therapy or art therapy if desired I have seen more progress with a lot of people. It’s all about supporting you to feel better and love your life as quickly as possible.

I know how it feels to be anxious, stressed and unloved. I know how painful it is to go through a difficult childhood and as an adult still be affected by it, either choosing relationships that hurt us or using alcohol or food to cope and numb feelings. In fact, all these experiences led me to be a volunteer on a distress helpline in 2003, go on to do my grief and loss recovery certification, addiction coaching, couples’ therapy and advanced transpersonal coaching.

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- Clarity on what you want to create in your life and/or relationships

- A deeper understanding of how to overcome challenges that are holding you back

- Recommended next steps that will help you to leave the past behind you

- Renewed motivation and confidence to be the best version of yourself

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